Selinsu Has

Hi, I’m Selinsu Has. I’m 24. I want to start the conversation by going down a little bit when I was little. I’ve always been a kid with different interests and not accepting the order that exists. This made it difficult for me to adapt to the classroom environment at school, but as a intermediate student I was able to continue my educational life. I’ve always been interested in painting. When everyone was playing in the garden, I would pluck leaves and rub them against the walls of buildings and paint in a corner. In fact, from a very young age I was aware of what I wanted to be and who I wanted to be. When I was a teenager and everyone was looking for fun, I started to have different interests. I became interested in theatre, musical, opera and the performing arts. My initiative and curiosity in such areas were appreciated in my circle of friends and sometimes it could lead to a crisis because I wasn’t spending time on them while they were meeting, they could find the activities boring. I wanted to study fashion design at university and become a designer, but my cousin changed my mind and said that studying communication design would provide me with more technical information in this area, and that I could study this section and do it again fashion because there are plenty of textile exporter in our family. While working, as a graphic design intern, I gained a lot of experience in different industries. I couldn’t stop add a little vectorial drawing to every job I do, because I feel like that it is my signature. I realized that I wanted to do illustration with this feeling, and when the vast time conditions began to be met, I worked my way up to produce something in this field. I have been following your platform since it was launched, but I waited it was the right time to become a member and took this step. Besides,I enjoy reading Russian classics. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and I watch the series 2 times every year from start to finish. A whole different world, a whole different imagination. The Knight bus has been a figment of my imagination. I play the guitar a little bit, but this is very hard, I hope one day I learn to play nice 🙂 I love dogs. I’m a joyous person, I love to spend hours on the lawn, sit there and chat with my friends. Besides, this activity has always been an inspiration in terms of creating new things, as well as clearing my head and calming me down.