Welcome to Illustrators Platform!

Illustrators Platform facilitates a suitable environment for illustrators branding themselves in the domestic and international arena

by creating multi disciplinary solutions across numerous sectors.

As the first and only Illustrators Platform in Turkey, It is an offline-online dynamic platform

comprised of robust components including universities and non-governmental organizations.

Illustrators Platform adopts as its mandate the following purposes and objectives:

  • Strengthening the synergy between illustrators, authors, publishers, advertising agencies, corporate customers and similar business partners all around the world.
  • Protection of financial interests and intellectual property rights of the illustrators in accordance with global standards,
  • Increasing business potential of illustrators and preparing strategic plans paving the way to develop professional practices, mutual perception and definitions that will contribute to the world of illustrators.

Illustrators Platform powered by ZNN Network. ZNN Network is the first and only illustrators’ agency in Turkey.

ZNN Network enable talented illustrators to improve and realize their business potential

in developing business sectors via their unique multidisciplinary across the world for over 12 years.

As an illustrator, I feel that my professional problems are listened and I am looking for solutions together.

My drawings are on an international journey with the Illustrators Platform.

I now have a greater command of global standards so that I can discuss my professional and legal rights.

My professional problems are no longer my individual issues, but I can think together with the Illustrators Platform.