Becoming a Member

If you want to be a part of the Illustrator Platform family, you can send an e-mail to for membership. If you want to fill in your application immediately, you can reach the form from the link named ‘Illustrators Platform Membership Application Form’ below.


Illustrators Platform Membership Application Form



Illustrators Platform Participation Conditions


Dear Illustrators Platform member candidate, Your desire to join the Illustrators Platform family is very valuable for all of us. It supports our international collective action and unity and solidarity, which we have created on the platform, with your application; In this way, you are taking the first step that will add strength and value to yourself, art and our industry.

Let’s join us!

Participation conditions:

To join our platform that embraces everyone equally with every technique, style and experience; if you are an illustrator or working actively in at least one of the disciplines that touch the illustration, you just need to fill out our application form and make our membership contract.

Our members; 

  • During their membership, they continue working directly with their customers.
  • When the time is available, they participate in the activities organized by the platform.
  • They pay attention to participate in the conversations and workshops held by the platform regarding their professional and legal rights.
  • They share suggestions or ideas that concern every illustrator with the platform and other members.
  • They share problematic issues concerning each illustrator with platform management along with solution suggestions.
  • They provide support within the framework of their opportunities in projects voluntarily made by the platform.
  • They support the platform’s presentation and visual needs within the framework of its possibilities.
  • They accept the platform as the meeting, synergy, collective action, trouble, conversation, socialization, academy, counseling point of the illustators, they support this structure and avoid discourse, behavior and actions, groupings that will deliberately harm this association.
  • They pay attention to the follow-up of the notifications from the closed mail group that only the platform members are included. Our e-mail traffic is not intense, but it is important to show the necessary sensitivity to this issue as communication will remain strong and prevent possible communication complications by tracking incoming e-mails.
  • By supporting the expression of member of in the social media accounts they share their work, this supports unity and solidarity.

You are stronger with our platform!