Selin Turku Birben

Hello, I’m Cosmicnutz – Selin Turku Birben,
I’m a multidisciplinary Illustrator, the disciplines I communicate with are drawing and music. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, after a while I started to feel like drawing wasn’t enough for me to express myself so my attention started to slide to music. After a while, what I draw and what I composed have become complementary. I can say that I draw what I live and then I compose the background music. I’ve been performing in small places for 6 years. For the last two years, I have been organizing events in the form of exhibitions / concerts with my own
composings. This year I started focusing on animation. It is difficult to present two different expressions on the stage effectively as if they were one. What I want to do with animaton is, I want to animate my illustrations and add them to my stage performance. The band that has
inspired me the most since I was little was “Gorillaz”. In my current state, I think this group had a great influence on me. Apart from music and drawing, I’m interested in modeling. I m sorrounded by beautiful talented people, whose designs I follow and love to carry. I like being photographed in them.