Nazikeda Kaya

Hello, I’m Nazikeda Kaya, 19 years old. I’ve been breathing with art for as long as I can
remember and I’ve been drawing all the time, I’ve never attended a painting course and I
haven’t received any training, I just developed and continue to develop myself. When I was
16, I opened my first personal painting exhibition, The Butterfly Effect, and then I took part in
the Women Artists Group Exhibition, which was held to react to the struggle with violence
against women. I acted in the first and only theater play in Turkey called Sihirli Küre
organized by Mersin Bar Association on children’s rights. I made two beat albums, one
normal and one mini, called Cosmos and Utopia. I have a total of 19 certificates and 1
plaque from the events and competitions I participated in during high school. Currently, I am
studying Cartoon and Animation and Fashion Design as a double major at Istanbul Kultur
University. I also made my first short cartoon and will be posting it soon.
In general, I am a lover of dreams and the sky. I believe that dreams can change the world,
and I love to dream, and I also love to watch the sky, explore space, and watch the stars. I
like to spend time in nature, I like horse riding, roller skating and skateboarding and I try to
fall on skating especially a little bit. I love dancing and reading books and comics. I like to
talk to people but also to spend time with myself when appropriate. I try to help people as
much as I can and when I make them happy, I am happy. My dream is to become a pioneer
artist who went down in history one day and to be a beacon of hope for people. It’s really sad
to see people start to fall into the dark and I want to be one of the people who shine a light
on them.