Isın Nur Cicerali


I am inspired by the beauties of life, nature and science. I look into the depths and details and visualise emotions with figures that I attribute meaning. I am after serenity and I work to make it visible. I think that the women in my artworks, who stand out with their elegance, add meaning to my works with their stance and honour the places with their existence.


I was born in Ankara in 1980. My adventure with painting started at TED Ankara College and turned into a journey with a unique route during the years I studied at METU. Since 1994 I have participated in several solo and group exhibitions and international art projects. My exhibited works are included in personal and institutional collections in our country and abroad. I continue my work in my studio in Ankara. In addition to my exhibitions, I contribute to various collaborations as a visual designer and  writer.



National Works & Exhibitions:

2022/ Solo Exhibition – Platform A “Sensory”

2021/ Group Exhibition – Platform A 

2019/ Solo Exhibition – Deppo 29 

2018/ Solo Exhibition – Nurol 

2013 / Solo Exhibition – Nurol Bodrum 

2013/ Solo Exhibition – Nurol

2010/ Solo Exhibition – Sandans 

2009/ Solo Exhibition – Still Life 

2005/ Solo Exhibition – HalkBank 

2014/ Group Exhibition – KAV 

1994 – 2006/ 15 Group Exhibitions (Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya…)


International Exhibitions & Projects: 

2012/ 4X6 Exchange Project – New York, USA – International work exchange project 

2011/ Sketchbook Project – New York, USA; Thematic sketchbooks exhibition

2008/ “Au Naturel-Nude of 21st Century” Oregon, USA; Exhibition in International Jury Competition