Irmak Demirel

I am Irmak DEMIREL. I was born in Bursa in 1995. I graduated from Uludağ University
Technical Sciences Vocational School Computer Programming in 2015 and Anadolu
University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department in 2020. I graduated from Anadolu
University Social Sciences Institute Visual Communication Design Master’s Program in 2022.
I completed Gazi University Education Faculty Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate
(Visual Arts Teaching) program in June 2022.
I did my high school internship at BURULAŞ for 8 months and my university internship
for 6 months at FAURECIA. These were educational internships where I had the opportunity
to apply the knowledge I learned, such as making inputs and outputs to computers, detecting
malfunctions of existing software, installing the relevant program on computers, developing
applied skills, gaining skills in human relations.
My Visual Communication Design Thesis / Term Project information; D. Irmak (2022),
Analysis of Pop Art Posters in the Context of Visual Communication Design, Anadolu
University Institute of Social Sciences, Non-Thesis Master’s Term Project, Ankara (Advisor:
Dr. Instructor Mustafa TOPRAK.)
In my education; Between 2013 and 2015, I did Web site design (UX / UI) and was
involved in a stock program software project. I have canvas works of peeking concept frames
between 2016 – 2020. I have poster designs, stained glass designs, mosaic applications. Between
2016 and 2020, I made artistic contributions to many school wall paintings within the scope of
various artistic activities within Anadolu University. I took part in various mixed and digital
Swimming, walking, reading books, cycling, going to the theater and cinema,
participating in the exhibitions, nature, people and historical places are the drawer, places love
to discover new. I am an individual who loves to work, is determined, pays attention to details,
and can produce new ideas and models. I tended to discover new things and develop my skills.
My education life and experiences give me; It presented productivity, research and
development, entrepreneurship costs in the structure of different perspectives, in the structure
of a whole.

I continue my artistic work from home.