Hüseyin N. Güleroğlu

I was born on October 3, 1994, in Malatya. I was unaware of my inclination towards visual

arts until I spent my early childhood years in Istanbul and returned to Malatya in 2004. In

2005, I succeeded in the painting talent exam of the Science and Art Center (BİLSAM), a

public institution that aims to provide special education to gifted children, and studied there

for three years. Taking computer education in high school and university led me to digital

design, and since then, I have improved myself in graphic design and have done more

freelance work than I can count. Currently, I am a graphic design manager in a real estate

company serving abroad, and at the same time, I continue my artworks.

I have a special interest in cinema and comics and I took part in various activities on these