Eyup Can Caglar

He was born in one thousand nine hundred ninety-three in Çankırı.

His interest in paper and pen started at an early age. He loved watching cartoons, he tried to draw what he watched. He participated in painting competitions, received success awards, came to the gas, continued to draw. Throughout his school life, he drew pictures on the edges of his notebooks and books. He drew cartoons that were not funny, made cold jokes. He saw that nobody laughed at his cartoons, he directed his drawings to children’s books. He opened his first personal exhibition on the panel in the guidance teacher’s room. He had to digitally color what he was drawing, learned Photoshop and Illustrator. It needed to lay out the page, InDesign learned it. He suddenly found himself in the world of graphic design.

While studying at the Faculty of Theology at Erciyes University, he began his civil service life, continued graphic design, worked as a photojournalist, shot videos, edited / edited. His interest in digital publishing and new media never ceased. He has been professionally illustrating for children’s books and magazines since two thousand and fifteen. He still continues to draw pictures by the edges of the book and tries to live in gray Ankara while staying in color.