Duygu Gocmen

Hello, I am Duygu Göçmen. I am 25 years old. I am an architect. I am engaged in drawing works in my own diameter. After graduation, I worked as a pearl chief in 2 different hotel projects. Design and drawing are indispensable for me. I do not claim that I am good at it, I do it because it makes me happy. I planned to do EVS this year with Erasmus Plus project. I would volunteer in Europe. I had mutual talks with a project in Italy but unfortunately the project was canceled due to the pandemic. I was thinking of trying my luck again when the world went back to normal. In a Picasso exhibition I visited during my student years, I saw his One Line Art works and I liked it very much. I wish I had made them, and I started this business by imitating the animal figures of his works. When I thought about what I could add from myself later, I started working on the famous paintings One Line. Most of my work came out during my student years. When I entered the professional life, I realized that I had moved away a little in the field of art and started to overhaul my works. I always wanted to have a chance to exhibit. I thought of joining as a participant to register for the site when I entered Turkey Desing Week saw the young entrepreneur and the designer section, I tried my luck. I was accepted and I had the chance to display my drawings for 4 days. When I saw the interest and appreciation of people, I opened an instagram account where I shared my drawings. (Though I haven’t reached the level I want yet.)