Deniz Aygün

Hello, I’m Deniz Aygun. I am a 26 year old multidisciplinary designer. I grew up in Izmir. After studying
at İzmir Anatolian High School, I studied Industrial Design at Anadolu University Faculty of Architecture
and Design. I loved my department, but as a result of the friendships I made during my university life, the
lessons I took and the lessons I learned from my teachers, I started to be interested in 2D areas where I
would display my creativity in the digital environment rather than the 3D design and production stages
required by product design. With the Erasmus+ Internship I did in Rome in 2019, I decided that I wanted
to deal professionally with illustrations and graphic design rather than industrial design. I have been
working as a freelance designer/illustrator since I graduated and had a full-time graphic design experience
of 5 months in a fair organization company in Izmir. Currently, I have turned all my focus to the game
company that I aim to establish with my software engineer partner, Erkan Şirin, and to the “handpoke”
tattoo art that I do as an amateur. As you can see, like many of my colleagues in the design industry, I
work in many fields.
Playing computer games, doing yoga and “handpoking” are the activities that make me the happiest in my
spare time.
I have 7 years old deaf cat that I adopted when she was only 2 months old. I try to support stray animals
as much as I can. I’m vegetarian and I love all animals.