Busrah Cay Bayraktar

I am an Visual Arts Teacher named Busrah Cay Bayraktar. You may call me as fishrah. I am used to this nickname since 10 years in every platform I’m using that. As i mentioned before i work as a full time Visual Arts teacher since two years which is at elementary and primary schools. But before i was working in advertising agencies as a graphic designer also as an social media specialist. In my free time which is very little, i am trying to attend triathlon races. I am a kind of triathlete trying to be professional but just because of my busy life i remain the same level for years:) But thats fine in the end i’m living healthy.  Loving Adventure and adrenaline. Also I can say that i am a honest and reliable person.  Like to help people. Believe that every human being are equal. Caring all the living creature in the universe.