Buse Ustaoglu

My name is Buse. I was born in Istanbul in 1994. After my years of primary school in
Eyüboğlu, I graduated from İstek Acıbadem High School. After that I attended The Royal Academy of
Art(The Hague) for a short period of time. After I came back to Turkey I graduated from Yeditepe
University, Plastic Arts and Painting in 2019. By this time my interest in illustration had been growing. I
couldn’t see myself as a traditional artist. I thought I suited illustration more. Afterall I always had an
inclination towards a more illustrative drawing style which my professors were advising me to change
and I also liked the more easygoing aura of illustration. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Like me. So
I worked on illustrations in my free time.
I am currently a Plastic Arts and Painting Masters Student in Yeditepe University. In the
meantime I completed my Formation Education in Marmara University. In my oil paintings and guache
paintings I work in an abstract sense and I try to use my knowledge of color and composition in my
illustrations. I also am taking courses on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I am most
interested in editorial,book covers and children’s book illustrations. I’m also very interested in murals. I
once painted murals in a school in Malatya with my schools volunteers. Besides all this I enjoy
cooking and discovering vegan meals, running and spending time with my dog. I am very motivated to
work in this field and I’m always trying to improve myself in order to do that.