Beyza Çolak

Even though I knew myself, the pen never fell out of my hand. I always found myself scribbling somewhere. Noticing my talent, my mother enrolled me in an art course when I was 8 years old. I started to further my painting education there. Then I stopped painting and focused on various sports. I played football professionally. I did judo. I played basketball, volleyball and handball in the school team. Of course, my passion for painting was not over. When I was 14, I started painting again and took a technical drawing training in the course. In 2010, I won ATSO Fine Arts High School Painting Department. Later I thought that this job should be my job. I started studying at Akdeniz University Graphic Design Department in 2014. I improved myself in the field of illustration. I drew realistic portrait illustrations and magazine covers for various literary magazines. At the same time, because I wanted to see myself in the academy, I started to do my master’s degree at Akdeniz University in 2019. I am currently working as a freelance illustrator, of course, when my cats are not sitting on my tablet.