Ayşenur özer güloğlu

Ayşenur Özer Güloğlu,

I have been an interior designer for about 10 years. I am a graduate of MSGSU. I received an

interdisciplinary education at school. Illustration has always been a part of my work. I was using

illustration as wall work on personalized furniture and spaces. But especially with the pandemic

period, I got away from the interior design business. I just want to draw and that's what I do. But of

course, I haven't had a job as an illustrator in the sector yet. I have a children's book that I just wrote

and illustrated. In addition to Adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, procreate programs, I also know

3dsmax and autocad programs due to my profession. Stephen King novels have been the source of

inspiration for me as a style since childhood. I find symbolism and abstract art closer to myself. My

goal and dream is to continue writing and drawing children's books, and to make drawings for other