Armağan Üçok Gönenç

I was born in 1974 as the youngest child in the house. My childhood and early youth passed in the small coastal town of Gallipoli. Drawing was always the best way to express myself since from my childhood. When I graduated from Anadolu University Cartoon and Animation Department in 1997, which was my only choice when I passed the exams in 1992, the thought of doing something for children was my main motivation.

After I graduated, I got married and settled in Izmir. I worked in a few agencies, and the company we established with my husband. In 1999, I supported the establishment of the Cartoon Studio in Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts, both in technical and content capacities. I worked here as a contract instructor for one year and as a research assistant for two years. Then I resigned and started working as a freelance artist; I focused on short animation works I prepared for TRT 2 and internet based mascot, cartoon character creation and animated banner projects.

For a while, I made oil and acrylic illustrations on canvas. I participated in various group exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad.

In the years that followed, I drew educational and narrative books for children. In line with the requests, I prepared interactive educational CDs and games for children. Again, I produced mobile application games for children in our own company. Apart from that, I have provided content to stock illustration sites and I still continue to do so. From time to time I make drawings for children’s magazines. I love my job. While making an illustration I aim for children to enjoy it and every time I try to do my drawings based on this basic principle.