Prof. Dr. Nazli Eda Noyan

She was born in Izmir in 1974. She received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in graphic design with a scholarship from Dokuz Eylül University, Bilkent University and Florida University respectively. She has master’s theses on Turkish melodrama posters and social graphic design. She worked as a designer intern at UNICEF Ghana. She received the title of doctor with her thesis on the history of film credits in Turkish cinema in the field of art history at Istanbul Technical University Institute of Social Sciences. She is the chair of the Department of Photography and Video and the Cartoon Film and Animation Department at Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communication. She works as a freelance illustrator, designer and writer in different media.

The history of art and design consists of various forms and content that emphasize social issues and interactive graphic media research on urban life. There have been researches on how to use sharing narrative, curiosity, humor, play, strategy and interaction in the design and public space in order to create an environment of awareness and discussion about basic issues such as human rights, such as Awareness Map and House Facts.

Academic studies cover the analysis and documentation of Turkish cinema’s movie posters and movie credits, toilet signs, wedding photos, coffee for the design, such as animation documentary visual culture in Turkey, design objects and moving images. Focusing on design elements such as composition, typography, and technique, she examines design motivations and social meaning as the result of a particular way of seeing

NEN’s work also includes the; ‘Başka Diyarların Çocukları’, the best animation chosen at the Istanbul Short Film Festival in 2006 and shown in different parts of the world, videos such as ‘İnce İnce İşledim’, also shown at national and international festivals and exhibitions, and animations such as ‘Bir Fincan Türk Kahvesi’ that received 51st Golden Orange and Seminci awards in Spain.

In recent years, most of her work has shifted from social-themed projects to personal-themed ones. Her personal exhibitions at the CDA Projects Gallery, O Küçük Köy and DNA, have a structure that combines social themes with personal stories. Besides in Turkey, her works has been exhibited in in art fairs and auctions and group exhibitions in countries such as United States, Germany, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Britain.

‘Nar’s Art Diary’ as children’s book series, took the history of 6 painter women’s history of Turkey. Iplikler is another children’s book series, that examines the concepts of social values.

NEN is currently running at ‘Müsfik Bir Rüya’, is short animation and ‘Tale of Sister’s’, is a feature-length animation project. She is working on and continues in different media, her research and art and design studies in Istanbul.