Yasemin Aydın

I am Yasemin Aydın, I was born in June 85. While I was dreaming of a profession related to drawing
since my childhood, I found myself as an Information Technologies Teacher for various reasons. I
started learning flash in those years so that I could do it digitally this time. I guess my drawing ability
get by my wonders about many fields. In the meantime, I was heavily involved in theater, there was a
playful hand to many branches of theater from costume to decor, from dramaturgy to poster, from
acting to light, and it was very enjoyable. For a while, I was eager to voice cartoons and experienced
them. In all these processes, inner pains and conflicts with life were plaguing us, we had dreams
about things we valued and telling this to children in children's theater. We did it once or twice.
During the pandemic, the dreams of doing this with a children's book gripped me and some stories
started to spin in my mind. I spent more time obsessing over issues such as learning techniques,
improving my drawing and determining my style. In the meantime, I met with inktober and I was able
to spend my scattered mind in this field by drawing, even if it was for 1 month. I see myself as a flying
balloon and I need something to stabilize me. The Illustrators platform got me very excited in this
sense. I procrastinate when I think about where to start and what to do. I want to get involved now.
Love <3