Sitem Sima Bağlayan

My name is Sitem Sima Bağlayan. I was born in Istanbul in 1997. I graduated from
Maltepe University, Department of Architecture in 2020. I am an architect with an
artistic spirit. My interest in drawing has been continuing since my childhood. I took
part in the management teams of Ahbap Platform Art Turkey and Istanbul for about 2
years. Currently, I am still working as a volunteer in the platform. I have been a
member of the Urban Sketchers Istanbul team for 5 years. We make instant drawings
by visiting the city. I have been a member of Artline Drawing Club for 4 years, joined
the Huawei theme team through Artline and designed several phone themes. Apart
from drawing; I love taking photos, traveling and discovering new places. I’m also a
black belt karate player.