Sinem Bedia Aşkın

I was born in 1979 in Ankara. I’ve been drawing since I was born 🙂 After graduating from Fine Arts Graphic Design Department, I had various agency and printing experiences. I worked as a graphic design teacher at Vocational High School for about 8 years. Then I resigned from the civil service due to my health problems. During my years as a teacher, I received many trainings, certificates and awards from the Ministry of National Education. I created a gift presentation solutions brand (CAMI) and made the designs myself. Later, I made drawings in the magazine I founded and edited (64), I opened an art workshop for about 4 years and taught art for children and adults (House Of Lovely Art HOLA by Sinem Aşkın ). I still continue my artistic work and freelance illustrator. As a .,42-year-old woman who has been actively working and teaching art for 20 years, on the contrary, I believe that my age and experience are my best qualities in this profession. I think I get the courage to send you this form from here. 🙂 Apart from all this, I am married and I have been a full-time mother to my son for the last 12 years 🙂