Sıdal Taşdemir

Hi! I was born in 1998 in Ankara. I graduated from Baskent University Department of Communication
and Design in 2020. I have made illustrations and designs for various companies on national and
international level. As my most recent work, I drew the portraits of 12 Scientists for the “2022
Pioneering Women in Science Calendar” of Evrim Ağacı, a notable popular science platform. Alongside
with painting, which was my childhood passion, I experienced different fields of art, namely theatre,
music and dance. I found myself drawing again under the influence of the losses I experienced in 2016. I
discovered that the thing that makes me truly happy in life is drawing, and I wanted to make this revived
passion of mine, my profession. For this reason, I studied at Nevart Art Academy between 2018-2021 to
improve my drawing techniques. In 2019, My charcoal drawing was featured the Together Exhibition.
Between 2019-2020, I have done volunteer work as an illustrator for @istanbul project. In 2019, I have
done my internship at JobsStudio Advertising Agency as graphic designer and illustrator.