Sevil Kısacık

I was born on may 2000 in Adana. I attended primary, secondary and high school in the same
city. Currently, I am a fourth-year student of the Department of Fine Arts Education,
Department of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Arts, Department of Art Teaching at Çukurova
University. I’ve been drawing for about five years and creating my own illustrations, both
because of the department I’m studying and because of my habit of keeping a sketchbook. Since
I do not have a great work experience yet, I still define myself as an amateur illustrator and I
am trying to improve in drawing. I do mostly character design, digital art, stickers and
imaginative designs. Whenever I have time, I try 2d animations and I’m interested in graphic
design works. I love watching movies, writing, computer games, anime movies or series,
comics, manga and animations.