Serap Can

My works are based on identity conflict of individuals in 21st century metropolitan life. In the age we live in, in a chaotic metropolis, continuous socialization and business life can sometimes drag us to places we do not want and impose very different missions on us. Sometimes we cannot deal with these and we are constantly pushed into an identity conflict. The dynamism between this identity and this identity lasts for a lifetime. One ends and another begins. We feel in a constant search for self and we are in contact with each other in every way during these periods. Even though the stressful environment people live in the face of these situations is no longer perceived as an abnormal and pathological situation, but as a normal situation, it has caused me to experience different periods in my life. The individuals I deal with in my work are the people I encounter in my daily life and the reflection of their behavior in my life, sometimes the product of some pressure created by the society and the conflict with my identity.