Rumeysa Zeynep Aracli

Dear illustrator and graphic designer Rumeysa Zeynep Araclı, who has lived in Istanbul, has always tried to take her love for drawing to a higher level. For this purpose, she started her education on Associate Degree, Graphic Design at Antalya Akdeniz University in 2015. Without any time loss she  started Kutahya Dumlupinar Fine Arts Faculty, Visual Communication Design department in the same year that she graduate from her associate degree and completed in 2019 her bachelor. She trained herself in the field of drawing with the trainings she received and transferred her vibrant colors to his drawings using her world of imagination. Plants, fairy tales and mystical stories have inspired her. She received degrees in international competitions. After graduation, eventually her various freelance works at home and abroad she started to produce common projects with publishing houses. Continuing her work with great passion, she is advancing in her field and now she is doing her master’s degree in Art and Design at Kutahya Dumlupinar University in Graduate Education Institute and continues to work as an illustrator.