Rumeysa Özuslu

Graphic designer / illustrator Rumeysa Özuslu, who is studying for a bachelor’s degree in visual design, was born in 1998. She has been drawing, reading and incorporating what is happening around her into his illustrations since her childhood. Her first published work was the story illustration in 7’den 70’e Children’s Literature Culture Magazine, supported by Redaksiyon Publishing House (now known as Sol Kültür) in 2019. Afterwards, she continued – and still continues – to produce editorial illustrations in the field of press and broadcasting. Since 2019, she continues to illustrate children’s books and design magazine-book covers with different publishing houses. She produces comic art style illustrations on many platforms under her own name “rumi et moi”. She explains the subject of her drawings as follows; generally prioritizing the power of women in daily and social life, strong female characters, socialism, conflicts in relationships, togetherness, and the evolution of all these in the inner world and emergence in different forms… Her first group exhibition will be in Ankara between 27 – 29 December 2017, with Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça The exhibition “Paint Hope”, which included illustrations about the resistance of , was the last one, and the group exhibition titled “Colorful Encounters” was held in Bulgaria between 23-26 November 2023. Historical works, architecture, antique items, encyclopedias, candlesticks, women, class struggle in the world and visual design magazines continue to be a source of inspiration.