Rumeysa Alarcin

Hi there! It’s Rumeysa. I study Foreign Language Education in Boğaziçi University. I can say that I’m an
amateur painter, and I’m also interested in illustration (and animation but, I have neither experience nor
suffiecient amount of info about this topic, so…). I’m a violinist and probably bc of that I like
drawing/painting musicians in general. I have a special interest in portraits, I think human face is
mesmerizing and even magical. I feel that, as I’m drawing a face, I get to know the person that I’m
drawing. I feel their pain, joy, or whatever emotion that fills and overwhelmes them.
Also, I’m really (really really really) into languages. I can speak fleunt English and Spanish rn, and am
learning Russian. I like code-switching when I talk, and I think we should normalize this.
I started experimenting with watercolor last year, in lockdown. And this is where we are now. Irrelevant
information: I’m a pretty talkative person (as you can easily tell), and bees freak me out.