Özlem Arslanoğlu Sağol

Iam a freelance animation artist/illustrator. I graduated from Anadolu University Animation Department.
I was born and raised in Istanbul, but after that I lived in many different cities. First I spent 4 years in Ankara, 8 years in Eskişehir and 4 years in Konya,
and now I live in Bursa. I think that living in these cities, which are so different from each other culturally and geographically, has positive effects on both my perspective on life and my art style. Still, I can say that I live most of my work, social and entertainment life on my computer. I guess I’m not exaggerating if I describe him as my life support unit. Apart from that, I am married and mother of two cats. maybe that’s why in my illustrations, I love drawing cat characters the most.