Ozlem Acar

I was born on 02.01.1987 in Bakırköy. I have studied the Department of Food Technology at Trakya University.

After working in branches related to my profession for seven years, I resigned and left the profession. I have been involved in the world of paintings and books that he loved very much since childhood.

My short stories have been published in Kitapçı and Dergâh magazines.

After I became a mother in two thousand fourteen, I started writing about the motherhood of my life.

In two thousand sixteen, after my book titled “I Raise My Mother” took its place on the shelves, I met my reader with my books “I Raise My Mother 2” and “I Have Worlds in My Head”.

In two thousand and nineteen, my first children’s book, “My Mother Elephant Take Me”, whose illustration and story belongs to me, appeared on the shelves. I made illustrations of the books “The Child Who Holds to the Moon, Pır Pirt, Blue Owl of Liya”.

I took part in various mixed exhibitions.

My articles and illustrations are published in literature / children’s magazines. As I raise two sons these days, I continue to write and paint with inspiration from them.