Nilüfer ŞEN


My name is Nilüfer, my last name is Şen. If I need to talk about my education life briefly, I

graduated from Manisa Celal Bayar University, Department of Food Engineering in 2019. In

2020, I received a master’s degree in the same field at Kaunas University of Technology.

Throughout my university life, I have always been interested in art fields such as painting,

music and graphic design. In this process, I had the opportunity to develop myself in

watercolor and pencil drawing. I also continued to paint by working freelance. After

graduating, I realized that my interest in graphic design intensified and I started to learn the

necessary programs through various trainings. Now, I continue my education at Istanbul

University ‘Graphic Design’ department because I want to continue this profession

professionally. I want to continue to produce in the fields of art and design with the goals I

have set in the future.