Nilay Hazal Basarir

She was born in Ankara, 1990. She was registered to the Department of Art Teacher of Gazi University in 2010. In addition to this, her minority of Education is Graphic Design. She has started to Post Graduate Program at the Institute of Educational Sciences of Gazi University.

During her education, she has published 21 units of Storybooks and been part of many books of Ministry of National Education which consist of her own paintings. She has many designs in the market. She has also been assigned directly at the important projects of Ministry of National Education as Illustrator (painter of book) in 2015. Now, she is painting official books of Ministry of National Education and leading some different projects of Art.

She has participated to two own exhibition (one of that was in Paris), 40 exhibitions as total. She has 8 units of books which are published by Ministry of Education. She is also a member of BRHD and SAKÜDER.