Miray Yalcin

I was born on 15.03.1999. I was to be accepted to the Art and Des!gn Faculty of Istanbul Kultur University In 2017. I’m !n 4th grade !n Commun!cat!on Des!gn and I’ll graduate !n 2021. Self disciplined, timing, creativity and originality !s the most important things !n my works. Also I excel !n volunteer experiences and sports. Tennis was one of those act!v!t!es. During my school life I part!c!pated !n some voluntary act!v!t!es. Most of my act!v!t!es were related to des!gn.We found a des!gn club for the school. (İKÜ Pantone Art and Des!gn Club). I’m one of the 8 founding members of the club and I am currently the project coordinator. We bring together designers, good times and or!g!nal talks from leaders !n our f!eld and I’ve experienced that group work is important for mot!vat!on here. I sketch !n Procreate every night before I sleep and !t gives me peace of mind. I enjoy forcing my limits and trying new experiences thus I bel!eve that continuous self improvement becomes the most essential mot!vat!on !n my academic and extracurricular activities.