Mirace İrem


After completing my Bachelor’s at Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, Marsters’ at Galatasaray University International Relations, and Proffessional Degree on Marketing at CIM Cambridge College and working for many national- international companies in corporate life for 17 years, I realized that I live a life far beyond my dreams.  


Having lived in England and the People’s Republic of China for about 9 years, I have returned to Istanbul with new aspirations. Around 2019, I decided to turn my hobby, the real owner of my heart, as a children’s book writer and illustrator, into a profession and put it at the center of my life.  


Well, back then, I didn’t listen to anyone who said, that it was crazy to leave all the effort behind and start a new career when you’re almost 40 years old.. Now I am doing exactly what I want to do with my 5 books published. 


I’m writing new stories and illustrating other writers’ stories.  Now all I want is to improve myself in this field. For this reason, I am taking an online Children’s Book Illustrator training for 2 years at an art school in UK.  


Because life is too short to give up on our dreams…