Meltem Balim

I was born on July 12th in 1987 in İzmir. Text authorship and editorship constitute the most of my career in a publishing house working for educational purposses. I have been recently working as a graphic designer in a textile firm. However, my aim is to continuewith illustrations which I can produce for children. I would like to be remembered as an illüstrator of some children books in the future. If I make this dream come true, anyone can write my name in the list of the happyest people in the World. Watching films is one of my indispensable passions. My favorite films are particularly those which reflect reality in line with a fabulous stile. I like to watch films produced by some specific names admiringly; such as Studio Ghibli, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Wes Anderson, Emir Kusturica. I don’t read a lot, unfortunately. Yet as far as I’ve read so far. I can say that I feel as if Ursula K. Le Guin has written for me. I adore cats especially. In addition to that, I must mention that my love for animals is much bigger than my love for human beings. I would spend time by drawing twenty four seven, if I had the chanse. That is all. Well… By the way, living without music is impossible!