Hilal İpek

My name is Hilal ipek. My curiosity to drawing started in middle school and with the guidance of my teachers I started high school quite educated about drawing. I finished high school in Zeki Müren Fine Arts. I joined an oil painting exhibition in 11th grade. I also joined a Book Project contest and won an achievement award. I am currently studying in the Cartoon and Animation Department at Dumlupınar University. Drawing was a shelter for me before, a way to escape my problems but now I want it to be my job because I love drawing so much. It’s tiring but it’s worth the result. I want to improve and draw better. I love listening to music and doing sports besides drawing. I do Taekwondo and I just switched to yellow belt and I’m very happy about it. I love talking and meeting new people. I love drinking hot beverages and eating fruits. This is me.