Hilal Can

Hilal Can, 1987, Çanakkale, Turkey
After finishing her PhD courses at Fine Arts Institue at Anadolu University, Eskişehir, She went to Denmark and had a volunteer work for 18 months at Hellebaek School which train students with social difficulities and giving part time artistic activities to immigrants. That was a good experience to learn how to use art as a tool. Besides doing workshops and trainings, she always drew and wanted to make her life as an artist.

Copenhagen based magazine VisAvis published her first illustration. That was a good motivation to continue doing illustrations for different magazines. Few years ago, she moved to Istanbul and decided to make her life as an artist which turned to a struggle for a while. Presently, she works and lives in her studio around Galata. She is knowledgeable in many areas of visual expression, from painting and sculpture to photography and printmaking There is one published children book that she illustrated; “Nar’s Art Journal” written by Nazlı Eda Noyan.

Her first solo exhibition, supported by Turkish Embassy happened at Unesco National Gallery in Vilnius Lithuania. There are many group shows, artist residencies, collaborative projects, and workshops that she created or participated around Europe, Turkey and Asia. Her passion about traveling also brought her lot of sketchbook drawings, analogue photographs and many memories, even adventures which helped her to use them during her artistic practice.