Hazal Şentürk

Hello, my name is Hazal Şentürk. I was born in 1991 in Istanbul. I graduated from Yıldız Technical

University, Faculty of Architecture. I am continuing my PhD in the same department. I've been

interested in illustration for 3 years. Writing and illustrating children's books and drawing cartoons

are among my interests. I attended many workshops in order to improve my drawing style, and

I am still learning. I first started my drawings with traditional techniques. I made various drawings

using different materials (watercolor, pencil drawing, pastel etc.). At the moment, I continue digitally

with the procreate program. I love reading books, playing tennis, swimming and watching cartoons.

When I experience negative situations, it is good for me to spend time in the world of fairy tales,

stories and pictures, and I want to make others happy with my drawings. My biggest dream is to

take part in a work on animated films one day.