Gülçin Tarcan

“Omnia vincit labor imprombus.”

My interest in drawing and painting started at the age of 4-5 and continued to increase over the

years. The day I realized that I could no longer cope with this passion, I left my day job for good. And

since then, I continue to educate myself. This journey has been challenging but as an autodidact, it

also makes me feel strong and valuable.

There is a saying that an empty sack would not stand. For years, I have been filling my sack by

drawing, painting, and educating myself in the fields of art, art history, philosophy, and psychology.

I like variety in my productions. Limiting myself to a single technique does not satisfy my soul. That's

why I'm happy to work and experiment on different fields that I’m curious about and interested in

such as scientific plant illustrations, architectural illustrations, character drawings and Sumi-e

(Japanese-style watercolor painting) and many more.

I continue my work from my home studio in Kadıköy with my cats and dog. As an admirer of my

town, I enjoy sketching Kadıköy landscapes.

Stay curious and artistic…

Gulcin Tarcan