Furkan Yasaroglu

I was born on June 1, 1997 in the Turkish Republic of Northern
Cyprus. And then I found myself coming to Turkey in high school
and drawing cartoons for the school magazine of the school I
studied here. And I decided to study painting.
I got into Uludağ University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of
Painting. After studying for a year, I fell in love and transferred to
Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University.
I am a student of Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department. Even
though they ask us for canvas works, I love watercolor and digital
work. If not every day, I try to fit one drawing into my day.
I am a cheerful and patient person. I am a person who is
committed to continuous improvement.
I cannot say that watching books and movies and reading are my
hobbies, because if they do not exist, one can go around just like
that, but I go out alone to discover the streets and flavors of the
city where I live. I wander around and get ideas, then I explore
the places where I got ideas with a few close friends. In an
environment where I am constantly, like school faculty, when I
buy myself tea or coffee from the omat, I buy two to meet a new
person. If someone comes across, I meet, if not, I drink that
coffee or tea… I am such a person.