Fatima Yildiz Erkan

Fatima was born in 1982 in Bakırköy, Istanbul.

The artist, who has only good painting lessons since his childhood, started his caricature drawing as an amateur in Penguen, Leman and Uykusuz magazines, and continued by drawing a child character for 2 years in Gırgır magazine.

She continues to draw her inner feelings in a humorous language every month in Bayan Yanı magazine for 9 years after Gırgır. The artist, who has been a cartoonist for 15 years, prepares illustrations and storyboards for many companies. She illustrated covers and interior illustrations for adult and children’s books, magazines for various publishing houses. She took part in many group exhibitions.

She worked as coordinator and curator at Doruk Art Gallery between 2010-2014 and at Russo art gallery between 2014-2017.

She organizes caricature, pottery, plate and mug painting, watercolor painting, linen shoes and clothing painting workshops for adults and children. She’s painting the kindergarten walls.

She completed children’s book writing workshops by editor and writer Sinem Çelebioğlu in 2019. She still continues her certificate programs on related fields.

She prepared illustrations for companies such as HDI insurance (billboard), Koç holding (Ford) (coloring book), Netaş (father’s day cards), Nestle (short commercials).

She illustrated stories in a children’s magazine published in many countries for America.

2019-It was included in the “Turkish Illustrators Catalog 2019” catalog composed of Turkish illustrators prepared by YATEDAM.

In addition, the artist, who has been an assistant to Illustrator M. Kutlukhan Perker for many years, is still helping his neighbor’s children with painting homework, and continues his artistic works in different disciplines in his studio in Istanbul.

Fatima’s first personally illustrated silent book, “Mother Son Diaries” came out of Otantik Book in January 2021.