Ezgi Tanrıverdi


I’m Ezgi Tanriverdi. I was born in 1997. I graduated from Izmir University of Economics with bachelor degree of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. I have been interested in painting, drawing and lots of different art materials since I was very young. I met illustration in high school and slowly started to explore this world of illustration. With time, I realized that it is the best field that suits my own drawing style and my creative world. In high school, in order to focus on lessons I would always draw something in the notebook, I would always get warnings by teachers and I would be stopped. And then, i started to study Interior Design where i draw all day, every day. Now I was not prevented from drawing anymore, instead I was getting trainings in this field. Currently i keep working on my illustrations. Most of the time, i get inspiration from mystic world, nature, energy, spirituality and my imagination. You can find some of my artworks here.