Esra Gozukara

Hello, I am Esra Gözükara I was born in Kahramanmaraş on June 17, 1999. After I went to primary school there, we settled in Kayseri and went to secondary school here. Then I went to nigde for high school, stayed at the dormitory, I had a good high school life, it was the time when I started to stand on my own feet and I started to understand people slowly. Then I moved to university. I am a complete Istanbul lover, the score was determined, but there was nothing I wanted clearly in the department. The only thing I wanted was to study in Istanbul and I wrote math teaching because I didn’t know what I wanted yet. Then I won the Boğaziçi and studied preparation for 1 year. The clearest thing I said in high school was “studying preparation is ridiculous” and I was out of preparation that year, and later I realized that I did not want the department too much and I decided to change the department and I switched to ITU interior architecture by saying that I should produce something. Actually, I wanted to switch to the graphic design department at first, but it was not in the universities I wanted. Later, when I started here, I had to read the preparation again because the preparation exam date was over: D luckily here, I ended in 1 semester and I was able to start the department. Since the presentation was also important in our department, my interest in the programs increased and I realized that I wanted to develop myself in that direction and I started as an internship or volunteer in a few institutions, we generally design on social media.