Ece Horasanli

I was born in 1999 İzmir/Turkey.I went to Ümran Baradan Fine Arts High School in İzmir. Now I am an Animation student at Yasar University. This year I went to Erasmus to University of Nova Gorica/Slovenia.

I want to specialize in 2d animation and character design. I also enjoyed doing experimental animation forms and 3d modeling. But I want to work as an animator and character designer in the industry. I see myself more strong in these areas of work.

I am working in digital mostly, I do, illustrations, landscapes, character designs, backgrounds for animation, and some concept works.As my high school background is painting, I am used to work with the traditional methods.I do watercolor, gouache paintings, portrait drawings and figurative drawings with charcoal.

I like to do nature walk, sightseeing, traveling, swimming, reading books or articles, watching films, documentaries, cooking, learning new softwares, and methods about my job.