Ebru Canli

Hi all, my name is Ebru CanIı.I would like to introduce myself from the start. I have started my school life in İzmir and stayed in İzmir until i’ve finished  university. I went to Bornova Girls’ Vocational High school (Bornova Kız Meslek Lisesi) and studied Graphic Design and Photography. I chose this over a normal high school because i never liked normal studies but i had interest on art, so i wanted to learn about what i was really interested in. After high school i continued my studies in Dokuz Eylül University, Fine arts faculty. I have finished my majors on Stage Art and Design.

During my high school years, i did internship on various places like Hakan Akdemir Photo Studio and Gölge Advertisement Agency. Thankfully, I had great mentors during these internships and i have learned a lot during my internships about Adobe Illustrator nad Adope photoshop. I’d like to add i am currently working on my Zbrush skills, attending courses and workshops on my free time. During my university years i have worked as a intern on Bodrum Emre Kunt Penaş Yapı Design and Architecture Company and Istanbul City Theaters. Other than these two i have worked on various projects that was connected with my school and branch.

At the moment i am working with Ayhan Doğan, Chief Stage Designer of City Theaters . Ayhan Doğan is also responsible for designing and implementing countless  museums from scratch all around Turkey. For the museum designs we usually start the projects with mere models, i would like to add that i love making models for such places. Ayhan Doğan has been a great mentor and a friend for me all these years, he has been like a second school for me. He is also very fun to work with.

Our thight working schedule has been interrupted by the pandemic. Which gave me some free-time and  opportunity to focus on my own illustrations and skills.

If i have to guess, my biggest regret in life would be the fact that, i took out my drawing tablet (which i bought when i was in high school) out of its box in the last year of my university. If i have to be honest it felt like a great challenge at the moment , we get used to doing things the way we do it. I preferred drawing on paper back than because i was used to it.

Drawing, paint, art.. these things existed all my life on some form and i would never like to be away from them. I usually like activities that contains adrenaline. I like creating and transforming. Forgive me if there are typing mistake on my piece. Thank you!