Dolce Paganne (Ceren Aksungur)

I was born in Istanbul. I started painting and participating in exhibitions from an early age to kindergarten. After graduating from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University-Graphic Department, I worked as an art director in advertising agencies. After 5 years of experience in agency / marketing design, the only thing I understood was that this job was not for me.Meanwhile, I became more and more aware of the idea that my main job was the drawings I was dong in my atelier when I returned home from the office in the evening. In order to focus more on the surreal world of my illustrations and paintings, I completed my master’s degree at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in Belgium. I have participated in exhibitions, art events in many countries including Belgium, United Kingdom and USA and my works have been published in many world famous art publications, especially like Hi Fructose and Beautiful 
Bizarre. I still continue my art works in Istanbul and Brussels.