Cagla Koseoglu

Hello, I’m Çağla,

I am Antakya-born, glass designer and interior designer. I have always been good with pen and paper since I was young, and it was still my favorite thing to look at pictures of children’s books, I dreamed and thought that the pictures in the book came alive and even became friends with them. I used to make drawings for myself and enjoy looking at them. Over time, every painting has come to a point where it needs to develop and change, and it is in my life. It was an interesting idea to do what I love constantly and I decided to continue my way as an artist. Drawing and reading were my favorite things, but I learned that everything that turns into monotony is no longer a pleasure.

My biggest desire is to go to every city in every country, to communicate with more people, to collect stories. The idea of ​​hitchhiking tour with very reasonable, Turkey’s vision and had the opportunity to visit many of the city, I met many interesting people. Why not more? A dream I want to realize is to fly 🙂