Busra Karbuzluk

Hello, I am Büşra,

I am 23 years old, I graduated from Balıkesir University Vocational School graphic design last June and I continue with Dgs and Trakya University GSF Graphic Design. One of my three biggest dreams is to be a children’s book illustrator, 2nd place to go to Singapore 1st place Secret😊 I used to hate my favorite colors purple and orange, but now I can wear an orange shirt. I believe in fairies and I love witches. My instagram name is Ebofaye, a witch name I made up that too 😊 I enjoy spending time alone. I’m probably far behind other artists on the platform because I haven’t found my own style yet and my drawing skills are in development. But I have an endless passion inside me. I love colors and everything out of reality so I want to be a children’s book illustrator. Because the reality is very scary, whereas colors and dreams attract me. I want to become a member of this platform because I want to do something while progressing towards self-improvement, I hope you accept me thank you.