Burcu Altinok

Hello, my name is Burcu Altınok. I can say that I started drawing by drawing something in every corner (and subject to walls) that I found in my childhood. Actually, I consider myself lucky to be able to nurture this passion in me over the years. After finishing the graphic design department in high school and edcuation in Uludağ University, I searched for a department that would enrich myself intellectually, and I can say that every resource and knowledge that my teachers in Arel University Visual Communication Department offer me is still shaping my perspective on life. I think that the deeper the information pool of the human being, the more he/she has traveled, read and grasped, the more he/she should tell the world. In this sense, illustration has become one of the best communication tools for me. A few years after my school was over, I started to work as a Graphic Designer at Tuzla Municipality Press and Publishing Unit. However, when I see a beautiful illustration somewhere, I can not find the excitement in here I have experienced before. For this reason, I want to do more original works. One of my biggest dreams is to open my first personal exhibition and to create a book that I can both draw and tell the problems I experience in the office environment in a humorous language. Apart from these, I love birds. I try to memorize the names of songbirds and listen to their voices every day. I am really good with all the animals. I know every cat on my street 🙂 They also inspire the illustrations I make.