Batu Gencosmanoglu

I was born in Istanbul in 1989. I have been drawing since the age of 2 according to the first documented records.
In 2009, I won the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Design Department as the third with 198 points out of 200. In the first year I started college, I prepared illustrations for multiple publishers for children’s story books and preschool children’s education books. These were my first professional jobs. After university, I worked as an art director in agencies in the advertising sector, primarily as a designer and illustrator with many national and international brands. Then I worked in children’s education and entertainment sector, then in the financial sector and finally in the home decoration wallpaper factory as a Design manager.          After nearly 10 years of design and work experience, I have now decided to switch to the illustration area as a full-time freelancer from January 2020.
I am personally interested in all of the music, sculpture, and photography arts as a professional / semi-professional. I can state that I am a multidisciplinary artist and I am being fed from all these fields. My special tastes include computer games, instruments and singing.
I am single and have a cat.