Başak Oksel Çelik

When I was but a little girl, unlike my friends who dreamt of becoming astronauts or scientists, I dreamt of becoming an animation producer. Around the age of ten, I read “Conan the Barbarian” illustrated by John Buscema and my dream changed into becoming a comic book producer instead. Unfortunately when the time for me to choose my future profession came, like many other youth from my country, I was also exposed to my family’s preaches to “Do it as a hobby!”. We found a middle ground between my family’s insistence upon me pursuing another profession and my stubbornness of sticking to a profession that involves “drawing”, and I became an Industrial Design Student as a result. Contrary to my concerns, I loved my profession so much that I did not feel a need to go back to the character designs I made and scenarios I wrote which gave me happiness during my childhood. It took me another 7 years to realize the small hollow feeling I had all that time was actually because I completely let go of my childhood dream. Nowadays I do illustrations and character designs as a hobby and I am trying to improve myself to be good enough to draw our humble scenarios that me and my sister are writing whenever I have the chance.