Aykut Demirel

I was born in Istanbul in 1988. I am an Associate in Justice (Associate’s), History (Undergraduate) student, book author and illustrator. There are more than 10 national news articles about my drawings and writing works. (sabah, takvim, tgrt, sondakika, güneş, karar, star vs.) 

Name of my book: “27”

My Reference Works: 

  • Cover and in-book illustrations of the novel “27”
  • Illustration of the album cover of the single titled “Bad Getting Used to Evil” (Deniz Erkin PURUT/Spotify)
  • In-book illustrations of the book “I Am Everything, My Name is Woman” (Deniz Erkin PURUT) in D&R TURKEY 2023 BEST SELLER list
  • Blogging on the sanatyapiyo.com Independent Artist Community platform
  • “Best Selling Artist of the Month” and “Collector Value Artist” titles in sanatyapiyo.com • Drawings of cartoon stories and writing of stories in the book “Wine in These Lands” by Turkish Wine Gourmet Yolaç ÖZCAN
  • Successful author Erhan DEMİRKOPARAN’s upcoming fifth novel